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John my friend is a very religious man but he goes to church two times in a year, on Easter; which signifies the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and on Christmas; the birth of our lord Jesus Christ. He by chance ran into a friend of his ‘mark’ just before he stepped into the church … Continue reading


Who do you run to when all hell is breaking loose? Who do you call on when the going gets tough? And who do you turn to when all your friends are nowhere to be found? In life we will always come to a place where we can’t do without the help of another man. … Continue reading


I went out to pick up some stuff at a nearby grocery shop after I had returned from church that evening, on my way I sighted two dogs that belonged to one of the neighbours, sleeping just by the road. I must confess I wasn’t good with dogs so I tip toed quietly until I … Continue reading


what is prayer? Have you prayed today? Why do you pray at all? who do you pray to? when do you pray? how do you pray? who should pray? and who should not pray? For every prayer you prayed there is an answer. A man was asked In a movie “do you ever pray” he … Continue reading


It was on an Easter Sunday a year ago while returning from church, after a powerful Easter service, that I caught up with an old friend of mine. It had been a while since we last set eye on each other, so we were over excited to see each other. In the midst of our … Continue reading


How much of it do you have? How much of it do you use? How much of it have you lost? How much of it do you need? Faith is one thing in life that keeps us going in moment when we are tired or when we can’t see the future. Thus if you must … Continue reading