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I make my bed immediately I wake up, pray and have my bath. I get easily irritated when things are not kept in their places; shoes in shoe rack, clothing in the wardrobe and stationary in the cupboard. I don’t like sharing my personal item with people, no matter how close nor like too much … Continue reading


Many years ago, I can still remember vividly, my childhood dream. Whenever I was asked, my replied was always “I will be an engineer”. But when time came for me to begin my journey into the world of engineering, I was told I didn’t have what it takes to pursue my dream. So I had … Continue reading


He is the closest of all your friends and he is your best and trusted confidant. You will never see him come in through your front door because he is always with you. He does not appear in enemies clothing or with weapons of mass destruction but the truth is that he is your enemy. … Continue reading


He staggered at every step he took. He could barely walk upright because age was not on his side. He was weak, fragile, tired, unkempt and famished, probably, he should have been at home resting or on vacation with his grandchildren but he was out here, in the heart of the city, under the scorching … Continue reading


It was 5:30am that day when my phone rang me up from a very deep sleep. “It was too early to start receiving calls” I thought but I was actually expecting this particular call. A day before today I had agreed to honour an invitation from a colleague in my office to accompany her to … Continue reading


“No man is an island” says a popular adage. So in this world you need people. It takes a man to sharpen the countenance of his friend, a man to recommend, introduce, encourage and love you, thus we need people for so many reasons. It is at this point that relationship comes into play. There … Continue reading


She dragged the child out of the building, with her baby by her side crying. Gave the boy the beating of his life and finally pushed him down and walked away. I don’t know what happen inside the building but this is what happened outside. All what this boy needed was correction for whatever he … Continue reading


There is no question without the right answer. So there is no problem without a solution. In other words, without problems, there will be no solution and you cannot have solution if there was no problem. But we focus more on questions as if there are no answers and on problems as if there are … Continue reading

family of friends

This life is a family affair. But you don’t just belong to a family, you need a family to survive. We all are from a family but we need more than one family because where ever you go and where ever you are, you need a family to care and to share. You won’t have … Continue reading

The Choice Is Yours

Life is a choice. It is full of uncertainties. No one really knows or can tell what will happen the next moment, yet we still have to make choices of what we want in life. There are no guarantees in life even when we have made our choices.But the difference between you and I, greatness … Continue reading