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– Is the right time to live – Is the tomorrow we had expected yesterday – Is all we have in life – Is the beginning of the rest of our lives – Is everything we have and need – Is the only day we live in – Is the only and biggest opportunity we … Continue reading


Time is the most precious thing we were given in life because it has a way of influencing our decisions, hence we all have 24 hrs. a day because that is enough for any man to achieve any height, set or break any record and hit any target in life. We all know there is … Continue reading


“No man is an island” says a popular adage. So in this world you need people. It takes a man to sharpen the countenance of his friend, a man to recommend, introduce, encourage and love you, thus we need people for so many reasons. It is at this point that relationship comes into play. There … Continue reading


All through that night he couldn’t let go the thought of seeing his childhood friend again. It has been 25 years since the last time they their set eye on each other. And within these years, a lot of things had happened but more on his friend’s side. His friend was looking good and much … Continue reading