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As I swept my room this morning I saw a centipede half dead just where I had lain down to sleep. We all know what it can do, even thought it was not too big, it was big enough to have scratch me even for ones or as many times as it could since i … Continue reading

Oh my god !…. I m in love

I had never known sleepless night but yesterday I spend hours rolling back and forth on my bed and sleep was nowhere to be found. I had never known what it meant to wait patiently for anything but yesterday I was not tired of waiting all day long. I had always been a gentle man, … Continue reading


Life, it is said to be a fight, not a right because we have never been right about everything we do. Living, moving and talking may be our right but it was all about making the right moves, saying the right words and living the right way. Life is actually the same everywhere you go … Continue reading


“No man is an island” says a popular adage. So in this world you need people. It takes a man to sharpen the countenance of his friend, a man to recommend, introduce, encourage and love you, thus we need people for so many reasons. It is at this point that relationship comes into play. There … Continue reading


All through that night he couldn’t let go the thought of seeing his childhood friend again. It has been 25 years since the last time they their set eye on each other. And within these years, a lot of things had happened but more on his friend’s side. His friend was looking good and much … Continue reading


She dragged the child out of the building, with her baby by her side crying. Gave the boy the beating of his life and finally pushed him down and walked away. I don’t know what happen inside the building but this is what happened outside. All what this boy needed was correction for whatever he … Continue reading

How much is love

Everything in life has a price tag. Although some of them seems to be free but there is a price you have to pay for them. Money answers all things but there are things money can’t buy because they are not for sale. You can conveniently walk into a market or a mall and pick … Continue reading