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Story : Finding Happiness at Work


hairdresserI went to a salon for a haircut. As the hairdresser is busy, I need to wait there for my turn. I just ran through some pages of style magazines there.

A kid came before me seemed so curious about the hairdresser’s job and he asked so many questions to him.

“How many customers you handle a day?”

“20-25 customers, dear”

“How much you think you can earn from this job, will this job be enough for your family?”

“I am making enough to ensure they are happy!” he replied.

“What happiness you get in cutting the messy hairs of people all the day?”

The hairdresser did not respond to him, as he had finished styling his hair. He started showing the mirror to the kid, “How it looks kid?, Hope you like this”

“That’s fantastic! I am looking smarter now, ” he appreciated the hairdresser. I could sense the…

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About itycharles

There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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