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Story :) How to Become Rich? Or How to become a Fool?

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Once a man went to fish and he spotted another man holding a mirror in his hand. He was waving the mirror here and there to reflect the sunlight on the water. The other man got curious about what he was doing, walked to him and asked “what are you…

Powerful Quote #112 : Selfish Humans

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I don’t know how many millions were spent for celebrations across the world on crackers and boozing in just two days on every new year’s eve and the Jan 1s’. But I am sure that money is good enough to change the lives of millions who suffer poverty and hunger…


Irrespective of when you read this article, I wish you a happy and prosperous new year. This is actually the time in a year people make a long list of things they either want to start or stop, referring to them as New Year’s resolutions. But how many of them actually keep to these resolutions … Continue reading