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easterIt was on an Easter Sunday a year ago while returning from church, after a powerful Easter service, that I caught up with an old friend of mine. It had been a while since we last set eye on each other, so we were over excited to see each other. In the midst of our felicity, I extended the blessing of Easter to him and I was shocked by his response, happy Easter, I said, before I could finish he retorted “I don’t believe in it” we got talking and arguing and he calm down after listening to what am about to tell you.
Easter is much more than going to church or indulging in some religious activities. It is a season that reminds us of the need for reconciliation, so it is more of sitting down to reflect on those relationships that turn sour and build back the broken bridges and connections. Easter to us Christians represent the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ. He would have been beaten to death but He was stretch on a cross, vertically and horizontally to bring peace between God and man and between man and his fellow men. Thus let us not be so carried away that He died (because this happened more than 2000 years ago) and not focused on why He died (the essence).
This was the part my friend did not understand so he had every reason not to believe in it because to some it has become a tradition, all what they know is Jesus dying on the cross so they carry out all sort of activities in the name of Easter. But we should look beyond His death on the cross and see why He died, that it is not all about going to church but working out our relationships both with God and with man. I am in no way against the celebration of Easter, I do believe in it and will certainly go to church but how can you say you are celebrating Easter when you are not at peace with your brother. Hence what then is the essence of Easter if we still cannot forgive each other? We pretend to focus too much on God and neglect what He demand from us “as much as layeth within you leave peaceably with all men, what so ever you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me, he that giveth to the poor lendeth to God” some of our relationship with man goes a long way to show that we love God, So just imagine a new breath of fresh air that will engulf the world if we celebrate Easter by also paying attention to relationships, for if you don’t love your brother that you can see how can you say that you love God you can’t see.
However, it is not enough to believe that Christ died because some other people died on that same day. But why Christ died is the most important part of Easter because until you are ready to make peace with God and men then you don’t really believe in Easter. In conclusion, all what my friend was uncomfortable about was the festivity behind Easter because when purpose is not defined then abuse is inevitable. HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!

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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


7 thoughts on ““I DON’T BELIEVE IN EASTER”

  1. Thank you! Too often people only see the commercialized holiday and forget what the holiday is all about. It is obvious from your post that your a person who truly lives his beliefs. Great post!

    Posted by MartyW47 | April 1, 2013, 5:34 am
  2. Love and peace my friend.


    Posted by iamforchange | April 2, 2013, 2:44 am
  3. Great Blog. Insightful and honest.

    Posted by Dasman | April 6, 2013, 5:50 am
  4. Easter don’t seem to mean what it use to me anymore…too commercial…Nice post though 🙂

    Posted by rawmultimedia | April 24, 2013, 2:13 am

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