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gunOn my way back that evening from where I went to, the thought of things I will do on getting home was interrupted by an unusual scene. Two men took to their heels, there is nothing evil or bad about it but when you find a man running on a major road not by the sides but amidst traffic then some is terribly wrong. I was stunt to my teeth because I knew I was not watching one of those Hollywood stunt, it was live. One was actually fleeing and the other was at his heels. It was a distance ahead that I discover it was police business. “But what was going on” I wondered. I found a police patrol Hilux, two other small cars of which the make was not of interest, five MPs, three young men plus the one that tried to escape making them four and they crowd was not left out. After much enquired all I could gather was; they drove in a tinted car, they are all guys and may be the police got a tip off about them. This couldn’t explain the inhumane treatment that was meted out to them, I know criminals are bad guys who don’t deserve mercy but what went through my mind was, after all this what if these guys were not who they were suspected to be, it was at this point that I took out my gun and shot them.
I was justified with my action because when I had to spent a night in a cell, my crime was that I was found outside late in the night, they truth was something or someone must have provoked them so they came looking for scape goats because on our way to the station I saw a thousand and one people still hanging out yet they were never approached or arrested. The point is this, the law was made to protect its citizens not hurt them but we live in a society where people bend the law to favour themselves or some few folks, so this agrees with the words of the legendary reggae star lucky Dube “too much power in one man’s hand is dangerous” so what if this guys are just suspect but they have already been pronounce guilty. The truth is I brought out my gun ‘Nikon D3000 digital camera’ to take a shot but my battery was low, so I took only one shot and my camera powered down so there is no image which would have serve as an evidence that I actually committed this crime. And I walked away from the scene with a though that if the law or constitution of a country is too weak to protect all its citizens then the ordinary men are dead men walking.

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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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