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yes Life, it is said to be a fight, not a right because we have never been right about everything we do. Living, moving and talking may be our right but it was all about making the right moves, saying the right words and living the right way. Life is actually the same everywhere you go but what we want, how we want it and why we want it makes it good, bad, wrong, right, admirable, enviable and so on. So to any man who wants to make that difference from the ordinary in his life, knowing what to do, why and how it must be done , is what will give him an edge to battle every form of defeat, mediocrity, excuses and explanation. In a nut shell he must not just be ready to fight but to survive through till the end.

The world today is in dire need of men who are not backward in their determination, those who will pursue until they overtake and recover all. But there will always be a need for the kind of determination and will- power that drove our fathers’ to success if we must succeed. Because it has taught us to believe in the actualization of our dreams and not to take no for an answer, moreover their sacrifices, sweat and labour has become the civilization and innovations we celebrate today.

Fortunately that was the foundation they laid for us, so the fight is far from being over thus we have to build on that foundation because no man, no generation last long in the victory of others, it leave with them once they are gone. So even when they may have won the battle, the war was not over hence it’s every man fighting for himself. Therefore, let us wake up from slumber, from depending and fighting over the fishes our fathers left for us, when the sea is big enough for each of us to catch our own fish. Let us stop going round begging when we should be negotiating. I have news to everyone reading this, you can make it in life and you can live your dreams. No matter how rough it is you can still make things happen, you just have to take charge of your life, believe in yourself, your strength, ability, believe in what you are doing and believe that you can make it against every odds in life, forget about how many times you have fail, who actually said you can’t and concentrate on what it will take you to reach the finish line and to win the battles. Moreover life is one thing you don’t wait for people to live it for you, so you have to wake up in the morning and talk to yourself, preach to yourself and believe that you can weather every storm, face any challenge and climb your highest mountain. It might look stupid and you may not even believe it but don’t stop speaking, don’t stop believing and don’t stop fighting because it is only at the end that you will discover that you actually made it happened.

About itycharles

There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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  1. Inspiring blog

    Posted by nooriezk | April 5, 2013, 6:12 am

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