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It was 5:30am that day when my phone rang me up from a very deep sleep. “It was too early to start receiving calls” I thought but I was actually expecting this particular call. A day before today I had agreed to honour an invitation from a colleague in my office to accompany her to the gym in the morning. Honestly, after accepting the invitation, I was contemplating on making up excuses to turn her down in the morning. So when my phone rang in that early hour of the morning, I woke up with so many excuses on my mind; sorry I can’t make it again, I didn’t prepare or I will make it next time, but while I was still deliberating, a question crossed my mind ‘when was the last time I did something new or for the first time’ all this happened in splits of seconds because I still reaffirmed my acceptance when I answered the call. I dressed up, left the house still not convinced if I had made the right decision.

However, by the end of the day I spent about an hour thirty minutes jogging, stretching, bending to mention but a few and I could tell that I went somewhere because it was telling on all part of my body as if I had fought goliath but it was the beginning of change. Change is the only permanent thing in life; even babies have this at the back of their mind. Change involves taking deliberate steps but if you don’t initiate it, somehow it will still change you. The truth is that every man you meet on one hand is preaching the gospel of change yet on the other hand is resisting the change they preach about, so nothing will change when we are not willing to do what it takes for it to change. Hence when you inhabit in a place for so long you can’t help but to become comfortable, not that you enjoy being there or that there is better but that you have pitch your tent there. Some problems we face in life have nothing to do with the devil we accused but with where you are, because you can’t stand in the rain and expect you cloth to be dry.

Moreover, when you are so comfortable in a place the idea of change makes you so scared, that you can’t imagine you leaving someone or someone leaving you. We sometimes become so attach to things that we find it difficult to let them go but you can only get something when you let go what you had.  When you begin your journey to change everything starts to change, friends and people around you will react, making it look as if you are doing something wrong. It’s been days, weeks and soon it will be months, and what will matter most is not that I went to the gym but that I keep going out there every morning. So keep going on, keep doing what you have to do, just keep on keeping on because one thing I know is that change will never come when we are tired, fed up, lazy or procrastinating until we change.

About itycharles

There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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