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It was on an Easter Sunday a year ago while returning from church, after a powerful Easter service, that I caught up with an old friend of mine. It had been a while since we last set eye on each other, so we were over excited to see each other. In the midst of our … Continue reading


How much of it do you have? How much of it do you use? How much of it have you lost? How much of it do you need? Faith is one thing in life that keeps us going in moment when we are tired or when we can’t see the future. Thus if you must … Continue reading


Many years ago, I can still remember vividly, my childhood dream. Whenever I was asked, my replied was always “I will be an engineer”. But when time came for me to begin my journey into the world of engineering, I was told I didn’t have what it takes to pursue my dream. So I had … Continue reading


He is the closest of all your friends and he is your best and trusted confidant. You will never see him come in through your front door because he is always with you. He does not appear in enemies clothing or with weapons of mass destruction but the truth is that he is your enemy. … Continue reading


He staggered at every step he took. He could barely walk upright because age was not on his side. He was weak, fragile, tired, unkempt and famished, probably, he should have been at home resting or on vacation with his grandchildren but he was out here, in the heart of the city, under the scorching … Continue reading


On my way back that evening from where I went to, the thought of things I will do on getting home was interrupted by an unusual scene. Two men took to their heels, there is nothing evil or bad about it but when you find a man running on a major road not by the … Continue reading

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 Clocktower Today is not going to be a post about my struggles and whatnot.  Nope.  This post is about ALL of you who have made me feel inspired and energetic about life and have enouraged me even when I didn’t feel like I deserved such kind words.  Today was…


Life, it is said to be a fight, not a right because we have never been right about everything we do. Living, moving and talking may be our right but it was all about making the right moves, saying the right words and living the right way. Life is actually the same everywhere you go … Continue reading


I love football. And I know am not alone on this one, even though I can’t play it the way I love it. All over the world people celebrated it with so much passion, and it has become one of the most watch events in the world. There are so many things about football; the … Continue reading

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I have murdered countless innocents, even children. Armies have bowed before me. I have sown genocide across worlds. Worst of all, my atrocities entertained me. Of course, my horrific acts all occurred in video games, so I am about as well-adjusted as any modern twentysomething. Like most my age,…