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She dragged the child out of the building, with her baby by her side crying. Gave the boy the beating of his life and finally pushed him down and walked away. I don’t know what happen inside the building but this is what happened outside. All what this boy needed was correction for whatever he did wrong but what he got was not part of discipline. I wasn’t worried until she pushed him down, because at that point it was hatred. You can hate anybody but don’t hate children, because love is one of the things they need most in life. She might call it anger but to the child it is hatred. Thus, that is when they start developing inferiority complex, because if you love something, you will never care less about it or throw it down but will do anything to protect it and whatever it takes to make it what you want. I was heartbroken, because unknown to anybody, the man in the child has been tempered with.
When God said “train up a child in the way he should go”. He was not talking to parent alone but to everyone that is not a child. It would have read “train up your child” if it was all about parent. Every child has a future, irrespective of the situations that surrounded their birth. Every one of them had been destined for greatness but they are too young and too inexperience to stay on their own, so God gave them a family to shelter, provide and clothe them. Any child you see roam or sleep on the street has a family and a home, but they have become outcast. Yet, it is true, because if someone had shown them a little care, they would never prefer the street to a home or hawking to school. Hence, the big question is how do you treat those children around you?
I see the ways some parent/guardian maltreat children as if they are slaves, in the name of they are stubborn and naughty. Some are very loving when it has to do with their children, but on the other hand will maltreat other children in that same house because they are not theirs. God knew that a child will not always be with the parent, so the idea was, where ever any child should be, they should be no difference if it is his home or not. Therefore, any child that is around you is your responsibility, show them the way they should go, teach them what they need to know, correct them in a way they will learn, love and cherish them. They represent everything about tomorrow; strength, beauty, courage and lot more. So don’t mess with any child around you, they may be your saving grace tomorrow; when you are no more strong, courageous, fast and vibrant.

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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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