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There is no question without the right answer. So there is no problem without a solution. In other words, without problems, there will be no solution and you cannot have solution if there was no problem. But we focus more on questions as if there are no answers and on problems as if there are no solutions. So the only big deal about problems would have been if it had no solutions. But why do we have problems with people and yet we don’t want to find solutions to them. It has been years now, you still can’t walk pass what someone did to you even when it had passed. The truth is, they may have betrayed, cheated or offended you but none of what happened or what they did is a problem, the only problem now is that you can’t forgive.
We are not angels neither are we demons but humans. It is said “to err is human and to forgive divine”. Meaning that someone will hurt you or may step on your toe and on the other hand you will offend or may step on someone toe but at the end of the day heaven demand, we must forgive. Many years ago, He was accused, taken and crucified. And they exclaimed “let His blood be upon our heads and of that of our children’s children “but He that was unjustly crucified, lifted up His voice saying “father forgive them for they know not what they do”. It is therefore pertinent to say that we don’t solve problems with a problem just like we Nigerians answer questions with a question. So whenever you are offended or hurt, the next thing is to forgive, especially if the offender cares to ask for it.
It is not easy to forgive neither to ask for it. So don’t take it as a no big deal when someone is asking for it or when someone actually forgives you. Hence, don’t be like Judas, who betrayed his master but latter committed suicide or Reuben who offended his father and waited to be cursed but be like peter, who denied his master thrice but he was forgiven or the prodigal son who after what he did sum-up courage, went back to his father and his father not minding what he did, the insult, disgrace and disrespect opened up his heart and received him back.
Therefore after what anybody had done to you and they come asking for forgiveness you don’t have a choice than to forgive, forget about if they deserved to be forgiven or not. Your call is to forgive, not him deserving to be forgiven. Yet the truth remains where ever you will turn to or find yourself, offends will come but let us follow with forgiveness because it is not you may forgive but you must forgive.ng


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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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