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family of friends

This life is a family affair. But you don’t just belong to a family, you need a family to survive. We all are from a family but we need more than one family because where ever you go and where ever you are, you need a family to care and to share. You won’t have to denounce your original family but you will need to find members of this other family. I woke up one morning and a thought came into my mind, “if something should happen to me, I know my biological family will be there for me but who else will be interested in my life, well being and future? There are places your number one family may not follow you to, places like church, school and workplace, so you need to raise another family in these places, even in your neighbourhood you need another family and instead of calling them group of friends, I called them family of friends.

They include people in your church that means more than church members to you, people in your workplaces that means more than colleagues to you, people at school that means more than school or classmate to you and people in your neighbourhood that means more than neighbours to you. They have become your friends not because they spend more time with you or are the closest of them but because they are interested in your today and also your tomorrow. They can’t close their eyes and walk away from you when you are in need.

I have seen people who are still alive today because of family of friends and others who suffered because they had no family of friends who stood by. Your biological family will always stand by your side but at times the weight they pull is not enough to push you through your situation, it is at this point that the strength of family of friends will make a great difference.
However, in cases where your biological family is not there, family of friends becomes your life jacket.
There is nothing as hard as giving even when you have it to someone who has nothing to give in exchange except thank you just because they are in need. But it will take a real friend to stand by you with support. So when you find any man or people interested in your life, well being and future, he is a friend (someone you met) but you have to make them family (someone that is always there). Don’t just hang out or spend your precious time with anyone especially those with no interest in your well being, but where ever you are look out for those friends who care about your tomorrow raise a family of friends with them because where ever you will go, you will need a family made up of friends.

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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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