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She dragged the child out of the building, with her baby by her side crying. Gave the boy the beating of his life and finally pushed him down and walked away. I don’t know what happen inside the building but this is what happened outside. All what this boy needed was correction for whatever he … Continue reading


There is no question without the right answer. So there is no problem without a solution. In other words, without problems, there will be no solution and you cannot have solution if there was no problem. But we focus more on questions as if there are no answers and on problems as if there are … Continue reading

family of friends

This life is a family affair. But you don’t just belong to a family, you need a family to survive. We all are from a family but we need more than one family because where ever you go and where ever you are, you need a family to care and to share. You won’t have … Continue reading