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The Choice Is Yours


Life is a choice. It is full of uncertainties. No one really knows or can tell what will happen the next moment, yet we still have to make choices of what we want in life. There are no guarantees in life even when we have made our choices.But the difference between you and I, greatness and mediocrity,success and failure is choice.  In life, choosing is the only occupation of man because all he does from morning till night and for the rest of his life is making of choices. And, as it is said “life is not beds of roses neither of thorn, but as you make your bed either with roses or thorns, so will you lay on it”. The summary of a man’s life are the choices he made right from birth and the ones made on his behalf. Thus, behind anything successful or unsuccessful, any accomplishment or tragedy is choices. At times I just wish we didn’t have to make choices or take decisions, that life would just be lived and everything we need would appear at our door post whenever we need them. So where ever you are and whatever you have in life are products of your choices.

The worst place to be in life is a place of indecision. But irrespective of how bad it is, you have made your choice not to progress, because you can’t progress in life until you decide. A certain school of thought further describes indecision as sitting on a fence, and a man at a sitting position is definitely not in the mood to make progress. But why would a man decide not to progress in life when life itself is progressing.  A whole lot of people are sitting on the fence today not because they’re deliberating on the available options or taking their time, but fear of the known and the unknown has kept them not just where they have been but from what should have been theirs. Fear, is one of the reasons some people are not yet married, not yet in school, and remaining poor. The truth is everyman is afraid of something but the difference is what we are afraid of. Every choice we make is as a result of fear. If I may ask, why do we wash our hands, Brush our teeth, have our bath,go to school, eat our food, drink some water,Invest,pray,and work? Of a truth, you can choose not to, but you won’t, because you are afraid of what will happen.Fear is everywhere,so we need courage to sail through the sea of life. But courage is not the opposite of fear neither the absence of fear. It is the display of boldness despite our fears. Therefore, knowing that, as long as we are alive, there will always be something to be afraid of, and that we still have decisions to make.let us not allow fear to stop us from getting our desires, reaching our destinations and living our dreams because one good thing about fear is that, it can either stop you from any worthwhile adventure just as it has stopped many or drive you to success, your greatest height or destination, same way it drove many. But, the choice is yours

About itycharles

There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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