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Today is everything

Its 8.00am, the sun was already up and one can’t ignore the blazing car horn along the streets and highway, the roads are jammed with children hurrying to school, adult to their business, the city had awaken from the slumber of yesterday except my very good friend. He came back late in the night from “heaven knows where”, he was too heavy with sleep to be conscious of the fact that the city was back to life and that it was time to live. He actually never did much by the end of the day apart from sleeping and trying to recover from the excess alcohol he had the previous night, to him it was one of those days, things get out of control.
Life is made up of yesterday, today and tomorrow but today is the only day we live in and the only thing we do is living. Everyday as you wake up from yesterday into today, it is an opportunity from God for us to design our life to taste. Few leave no stone unturned, some don’t give attention to what they are designing and others just don’t care to design at all. If I may ask, how do you spend every hour of your day? What have you done today? What are you going to do today? What are you doing today?
Life to some people, is like magic because it is not fair, they found out that today things are just different, their age mates are ahead of them, they are not a match to their classmates, that things are working out for others and not for them, surprised that life could treat them this way but the truth has to do with what actually happened yesterday. To some, yesterday is past, dead and buried so it does not really matter, yet they forget that yesterday was once upon a time today and that what is changing their today are the things they did and the ones they ignored yesterday.
This life is apportioned to us in days and these days are numbered so when you mess with today you have just changed something about your life, something is altered, delayed, erased and your life can never be the same. And distance between today and tomorrow is not that far as we were told because tomorrow by this time will be today and everything in life, the cars we will drive, the houses we will build is in tomorrow but what ever you want lives in today, so don’t wait for a tomorrow that will never come, it’s already at your door post waiting for you to grab it but with your plans and not with an empty hand.
Today is always a busy day and we thought that all we had to do is live because we are alive. So when you spend time sleeping, watching movies, visiting friends and gisting away your precious time when there are better things you should be doing, slowly tomorrow beings to slip away from your hands. Today is always the best time to read, write, and work. Pray, invest, plan, save, fight, the best time to do what has to be done. You can’t talk about or expect a brighter tomorrow when you have not done the things that should light up that path the leads to tomorrow and today is the right time you have to secure your tomorrow and protect it from things you wouldn’t want. So when you wake up into a today that was toyed with yesterday, a today that has nothing to offer, no profit, no harvest, no victory because work was not done, nothing was planted, everything around you will be against you, you will seek for one more chance to live again yet every new day is an opportunity to add a little difference possible and anything you do by this time when it is late will make no sense, even when you might have a second chance, so do everything today that needs to be done today and leave the ones for tomorrow until then, ignore the shame, take the risk, face the challenge, pay the price because life is either enjoyment or endurance, hence, build a life you can enjoy,

About itycharles

There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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