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Everything in life is free. But it has a price tag, so one way or the other you have to pay the price because it is not cheap. You may not agree with this and it is okay to disagree, but until you show me one man who paid for the womb that conceived him, the family he came from and for his hospital bills at birth, then I will change my mind. I can go on to mention other things you are enjoying free but with a charge, but that is a story for another day. Everyman wants to succeed in whatever they do, so your career, profession or whatever you are doing is not that important as its success. Even in our daily lives, success is as important as life itself.
Success, greatness and wealth are free, as far as life is concern because time and chance happens to everyone, so any man born of a woman can be great, successful and wealthy, if they can pay the price. Success is the only desire of man, hence, if everything around you is successful, then all your prayers are answered. Success in life gives birth to greatness, wealth and fame, thus, if you succeed in life, you are on your way to greatness, fame and wealth. Therefore, if success is all we need, then we need a key to open the door to our success.
There are many keys to success because one success leads to another, and you have to keep succeeding for you to be call successful. But of a truth, the keys that opened your doors may not open mine and what works for me will not always work for you, so we have to find those keys that will work for us. A key no matter how expensive it is will not open the cheapest door, so it is not about the key but about the door. People have written books, organized seminars and conferences, detailing down the keys to success; (twenty) 20 keys to success in business, marriage, examination and in whatever you do. With all this keys, success should have been a walk over, but everywhere you go you will find business folding, marriages breaking and examination failed. It is not that these keys don’t work but that you can’t tell by sight which key will open a door, you have to try them one after the other, in accordance with the number one (1) rule of success; don’t stop trying until you succeed. Because there are many keys to success and many doors you have to open before you can attain anything close to success.
However, we do not have all the time to try each key one after the other, so we need to find a short cut. Short cut, it is said “will cut us short” but I have discovered a short cut to success in all your endeavours. It is not all those magic that makes you live your life as a debtor even with so much wealth or success. But there is something magical about it. It is a combination of all the keys you have heard, seen, used, discovered and the ones you don’t know, but that will open any door before you. Therefore, if you really want success in life, you need a short cut and you need this key, a master key that opens any door to the rich, wealthy, famous and powerful, and that key is; “don’t fail” in anything you do if you want to be great, famous, wealthy and successful.

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There is so much to tell about me but unfortunately i know just little about myself because everyday i keep discovering who i am and who i am not hence i wake up in the morning ready to be who ever i am.


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