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I read in one of the national dailies recently “mother jail seven years for burying daughter alive” and I called it ‘jungle justice’ even thought it was decided by a court of law. The daughter in question is a two (2) years old and the mother in dilemma is an eighteen (18) years old whose parents are still alive, who is not legitimately married to the father of the said child. The eighteen (18) years old mother was found guilty after a three count charge of attempted murder, murder and felony and sentence to six years with hard labour. My concern is not what she did, it was horrible, terrible and inhumane but how law handled it. The said eighteen (18) years old had a parent yet they were never mentioned throughout the report. They knew she had a baby and she came home one day without the baby and they never asked question, mind you, the law did not consider that. Secondly what does an eighteen (18) years old girl know about life or about being a mother? Even though she is up to eighteen she still has a myopic approach to life, because it is one thing to have a baby but another thing to be a parent. And after the mistake she made, her parent made things complicated and the law made it complex. Imagine you at eighteen about to begin your journey to adulthood in a jail for five (5) to six (6) years with hard labour. I am in no way insinuating that we or the law should look the other way and let her continue with how she wants to live her life, no, all I am saying is that a jail term for five (5) to (6) years with hard labour will do her more evil than good, it will change her life forever and that her parent should have been involved in the case. Can you imagine the psychological effect on her? She would never forgive her parent for bringing her to this world nor would she forgive herself for getting pregnant and trying to kill her daughter, I know how a day in a cell is but when we send a kid who already is in a frying pan to jail we are adding salt to injury.
I would have prescribed counseling, encouragement, support and above all love for her if I was the law. But judgment and punishment was what she got. Yet there are so many out there on daily basis aborting pregnancy and the almighty law is either silent on or ignorant of this and this same law is sending another to jail on the same grounds of offense because life is taken whether you call it abortion or murder. This reminds me of the story in the bible where only a woman was caught in the very act of adultery because it is either she committed the offense alone or the people let the man escaped.
But for conscience sake if we are not yet parent one day we will becomes one, why on earth will you allow this to happen to your child? Imagine it was happening to you, why would you give her up without a fight? I know of stubborn and naughty children that have been written off by their fathers but their mothers will seldom give up on them. The fact remains and it is also true that so many parent are the ones driving their children out of the house, they make the house so uncomfortable that they will prefer to so-journ anywhere because law would never have been able to take her eighteen years old daughter away if she was love. Now the little child will have to grow without the mother and the love she deserves. So the moral here is that we should not only be involve in the happiness and well being of our kids but we should also be involve in their mistakes and shortcomings, step in when they expect you to walk or look away because that may be the only way for them to know that you still love and cherish them even though you are furious with they did.

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